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Our company’s manager and director, have built successful enterprises in many countries and embraced new ideas.

2010th Since the beginning of the Taliban Ltd. is working in cooperation with Portugal and Spain leading orange juicer automatic juicer machines and producing manufacturing..

These fresh juice, smoothie or shake maker machine during operation, in addition to producing healthy products, even their eyes are attractive places for moments.

Hungary is „young” in fresh juices culture but we are offering an easy and accessible solution for everybody.
Our company offers tailor-made arrangements for both purchase and rental.In our catalogue there are machines which have been produced by the most modern, and up to date technology of world standard and they are easy to use.

We recommend to use our products in coffee houses, buffets, conferences, hotels, guest houses, pensions, hospitals, ariports, shopping malls, breakfast rooms, schools, swimming pools, fitness centers or any other places where people would like to consume a lot of freshly pressed fruit juice.
Our machines can be leased for long or short terms or can be bought as you wish.


Our company provide full service as required, the options are listed below.

  1. Selling our machines
  2. Leasing our machines
  3. Delivery / recovery
  4. Installation
  5. Maintenance
  6. Obtaining oranges ( continuous refilling with Spanish oranges)
  7. Advertising


We are also planning, that our machines will quench the children’s thirst in all schools of Hungary, like in America.





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