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The page is under continuous review. We hope that with the help of the website you can view the world of the automatic orange machines,  which lead the market in 2013.

The main target of our company is to introduce you to this practical, fast and good-looking equipment and make it available for everybody.We give further information about our products and our work in our menu.

Our company distributes and rents out the latest and most modern orangepresses, machines and pavilions of the European market in Hungary. To satisfy your demand we provide full help and service, we put the machines into operation and fill them as you need.
Please visit our website frequently to view our increasing supply and special offers.

Last but not at least we would like to mention that our health is the greatest gift in life, so we donate one percent of our income to cure children suffering cancer.
Your interest is important to us, please turn to our company with any queries with confidence.





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