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It’s well known that a lot of components of the Orange-Citrus aurantium – contain essential vitamins that are very important to human beings. The most obvious proof of this is that the world's orange production is nearly 70 million tonnes per annum.

In many parts of the world - for example, in Spain - the population, regardless of the country’s natural endownments, consume fresh oranges every day.

World wide statistics show that in orange growing parts where people regularly eat oranges, the incidence of heart diseases, circulatory diseases, anaemia, intestinal problems, nervous disorders, trombosis and overweight are significantly lower.

In the last 5 years big organizations have been working worldwide to let  people know more about natural food productions, and to draw attention to the harmful effects of food and drink which contain preservatives, artifical colouring, homogenized, chemical by- products and heavy metal.

We are happy to say that Hungary’s inhabitants are well informed and  join forces with countries where health is precious and people pay a lot of attention to the chirdren’s eating habits.
Our equipment is available for long or short lease, or you can buy it if you want.

Last but not at least we would like to mention that our health is the greatest gift in life, so we donate one percent of our income to cure children suffering cancer.


Please drink from the nektar of health so that we can give life to others.







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