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Technical data:

-Consumption: 140W
-Voltage: 240 – 110 V /50-60Hz
-Production: 36 fruit / min
-Feeader capacity: ~ 10 kg fruit
-Fruit diameter: 65 -80 mm
-Security: Automatic sensors switch off
-Material: Stainless steel
-Weight: 40 kg
-Dimensions: 42 L x 32 D x 65 H cm


In case you hire the machine for 24 months continuously, it will belong to you.

You can cover the day rental of the machine with selling three glasses of orange juice.

- Best price: 544.990 Ft+Vat

- Rental price: 1.120 Ft/day+Vat

In case you hire it for 24 months. If you want to hire it for a shorter period, we can agree personally.



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